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I had always liked art, despite the fact that I couldn't draw very well.  Whether it was fan art from a person's favorite television series, or just little satirical cartoons, I just enjoyed looking at what was posted on the internet.  I had been aware of deviantART since I was still a junior at high school, but never really thought about joining the site due to some of the rumors that you had to pay a monthly fee to stay subscribed, sort of like dating websites.  It wasn't until I was in college that I actually joined the site, once I found out that membership was free.  After that, I instantly became addicted; there were just so many pictures, including fan art of my favorite anime series as well as my personal favorite couples (even if a few of them weren't canon with the actual shows).

Wedding Bells... by love-the-fuzzy Romantics Lovers Joey Mai by Half78 What Should Have Happened by CarbonPrincess Red and Blue under the moonlight - YokoxSimon by bloodysmiley Simon and Yoko coloured by Turuhuha Cowboy Bebop's Faye Valentine and Spike Spiegel by ChristineDanka An Ephemeral Bond by jczala fianceshipping my queen CLRD by XepherCross Judai X Asuka Kiss :  FINALIZED by jadenkaiba   Comm: Evil-Resident by Ninja-8004 Yellow moon by mario-reg .::NaruTema: Saturday Night Fever (Eyes on Me)::. by Athuair

It also featured pictures that clearly depicted my attitude towards certain current events, television channels, people
and fictional characters: 
The King Slapper by Winter-artwork  My final Nickelodeon rant. Ever. by ImSpidey2 Where Yous Goinks? by MWaters Fred, Meet Freddy... by MrAngryDog Mickey's World sketch cover by gb2k Congress Get Back To Work by popcorngoo 

Then, I discovered artists that drew cover art and/or actual scenes for well written fanfiction stories that they did for friends or for their own stories:
one piece x naruto by konoha-paradise The Burdened Deathcake by N6023 Cybertronian Genesis by Cycloprax-Tinj X-men: Evolution - Spider-X 01 by kurisu-lee Jump City Sage (TT + N) by TonicShadow Nacho boy and the Dragon Lady by PSI-missing Earthbound Spirit cover by djanubis Comm: JuPMod by Ninja-8004    Paypal Commission: Naruto's Harem by Stray-Ink92Naruto - Drifting - Cover by AlphaDelta1001  Midnight kiss by Shugokunisaki Naruto: Eleven by georsama The Princess and Me by ColorSplashArts Shinji Ikiryo by marcoasalazarm X-men: Evolution - Spider-X 02 by kurisu-lee Rumble in the Jungle by Cycloprax-Tinj DelsaCOMMISSION by Starwarrior4ever Restless Spark by Cycloprax-Tinj

And then there was the crossover fanart.  So many possibilities, it was amazing to see what ideas artists came up with:
Miku Scissorhands by Niban-Destikim Kill La Frozen by Jeff-Mahadi The Cartoon Summer of Fun by SuperLeviathan The Race by tophis1 Teen Team Animated by DoodleyCommission2 by Starwarrior4ever .:Charizard used Heat Wave:. by Kagoe 
 Son Goku Vs Superman by Amenoosa Then and Now by Yastach We are your heroes by Swiftstart  Four worlds One team by Milady666  Commission, The Icy Trio by Starwarrior4everBen 10 and Danny Phantom: Omniverse by MegaArtist923 Gentlemen Secret Trio V.1 by crimsonluna101 Collaboration Piece - Squeeze - The Kiss by Lazebe Commission: Naruto and Rangiku by R-Legend Masters of the Blades by ToaNaruto Danny Phantom and Elsa by LinART   Avatar Gumbies by What-the-Gaff Godzilla vs Devastator by Ahrrr Shonen Elite by Tazawa AJAX or ACME? by Yeldarb86 DBONR Crossover entry by taresh You look Handsome, Danny by ColorSplashArts Frozen Wars - Return of the Princess by Niban-Destikim
 DVP: First by H-Box Bot vs Battroid colored by REX-203 Starscream VS Gurren Lagann by Dustoff-EX Team Gurren. Team Megas. by SRYMoND Red Vs. Blue by Inkmonkey-Woodis What if they were Disney? by Starwarrior4ever

I've tried my hand with posting art in my gallery after all of my time on the site: 

A Reasonable WBC Response by ToaNaruto One Miffed Monkey by ToaNaruto The Bird by ToaNaruto One Less CGI Travesty by ToaNaruto Important Question #5 by ToaNaruto Epic Newspaper Recycling by ToaNaruto DAMN YOU, KISHIMOTO!  Part 2 by ToaNaruto Mickey the Bar Cat by ToaNaruto Sweet Revenge by ToaNaruto Kicking Bieber When He's Down by ToaNaruto

In closing, I'm really glad to be a part of this community, and I sincerely hope that this site will stay strong for years to come!

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